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Romantic or sexy shows, everything is exciting and fun during Alextoyboy performance. Hot  shows hitting the spot until you can´t resist. Full naked show avaliable. You put the LIMIT!!.

How often do you get a night out with friends fll of attractive entertainment and pure contentment?.. Personalize your party, jokes, games, happy hour, dance...

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Here are some of the events avaliable on the Costa del Sol:

At your villa / private accommodation: stripper will arrive at your accommodation at a set time and will then perform for your group for 15 - 25 minutes. This is only available for hen groups, birthdays, or private parties. This show includes "Toyboy" at his best.

Stripping in a bar: while you are drinking in a bar, pub, or disco, the music will change and the stripper will perform a 15 minutes strip for the hen. After the show, a drink with the group, pics and dance.

Evening meal with stripper (hen fiesta): a superb 3 course meal with plenty of drink followed by a sexy male stripper for dessert. Stripper might be dressed as a waiter to serve the funny traditional hens cake.

Limo Transfers with Strippers: glamour transport for your crazy night?. The journey lasts one hour with free bar on board.

Surprise Stripper on a boat: enjoy a boat charter on the Mediterrean and be plesantly surprised with a stripper performing for your group on board. Depending on location and group size, either the stripper will board the boat for the entire duration of the trip or I will arrange for a another boat to transfer the stripper to yours. Sipping on your bubbly out at sea, a male stripper is most probably the last thing the bride-to-be will expect.

Big surprise at the office: give your company partner a big surprise for a birthday or simply for having a good time at your job.

Stop the bus: A bus might be provided for transporting you wherever you want, stop it during its way as I were a hitch-hiker, and perform inside of it. There´s no big space for dancing but it´s real funny.

There are some others events that might be arranged, anything you have in mind!!.

More male and female strippers are avaliable for group parties.

 Email or call  for more details, you'll want to get married every year!!.