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Outfits and costumes

Here you are most requested outfits: Officer and Gentleman (white or dark blue mariner suit), NY Police, Waiter, Chippendale (Sexy Butler), Doctor, Cowboy, Sailor, Black leather (Matrix), Monster, Military police, Cassanova, James Bond 007 Suit, Fireman, Pirate, and more...

Alextoyboy may also perform as your favourite request. There are some themes avaliable for an extra fee as: Indiana Jones, Elvis Presley, Batman, Superman, Frank Sinatra, Santa Claus (Christmas only), etc.

There´s an specific music for each theme. For example: Officer and Gentleman show comes with "Up where we belong", the movie soundtrack. New York Policeman comes with gun shots and sirens sounds. Elvis Presley theme comes with Elvis classic tracks, this is a nice surprise for a fun lover birthday.